Branch Managers are looking to diversify their sales force, and recruiting only seasoned professionals is a thing of the past. No matter your age or career experience, American Pacific Mortgage (APMC) has stepped up with an innovative game plan.

Meet LaunchPad.

With LaunchPad’s wide range of resources, tools and education, APMC provides branch managers with the keys they need to produce successful loan officers, all with the support of a mortgage company that has been voted one of the top companies to work for, year after year.

With LaunchPad, we assist our branches to identify, onboard, and assimilate new-to-the-business mortgage professionals into the businesses because industry dynamics and consumer behaviors demand that we do so.

LaunchPad offers:

Leadership training — Get mentored by some of the top industry experts. We’re with you from the beginning and well into your career.

Flexible work schedule — Be more in control of your schedule. With LaunchPad, you can work remotely, allowing you to focus your time and energy to build your business.

Personal growth — Hit the ground running and maximize your income potential by laying the right foundation first.

The ability to help others — Gain the confidence you need to help homeowners achieve their goals.

Technology — LaunchPad and APMC utilize some of the top mortgage software solutions around. Be confident in staying up-to-date in an industry that is ever-changing

Are you ready to fast track your career in mortgage origination?

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