About Kyle Nicholas McCray

Kyle manages Brian Clark Law & Associates, a full-service real estate law firm. Previously, Kyle served as the Director of Innovations at American Pacific Mortgage (APM). He oversees Scrappy Labs, a division of APM dedicated to challenging the company by institutionalizing new idea experimentation. In this intrapreneur role, Kyle focuses on institutionalizing new idea experimentation, inspiring culture to contest the business and allocates resources to activate opportunities.

Kyle was responsible for having helped APM develop AP Connect, a state-of-the-art “lead nurturing” platform, and LaunchPad, an all-inclusive training platform for “new-to-the-business” Loan Officers. He also was an independent consultant that helped with the development and growth of new businesses. From 2008 to 2011, Kyle worked as a member of Apple’s inaugural Home Based Agent (HBA) program to evaluate creative ideas in order for fulfillment of a desired business need or productive result.

Kyle’s innovation philosophy is centered on the Market Force concept of unlimiting innovation by acknowledging that people innovate in different ways, and each of those methods adds value to the process. Therefore, Kyle believes innovation is truly about human dynamics.

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