The Human Dynamics Imperative

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How executives can achieve corporate innovation breakthroughs in an age of innovation theater.

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American pacific Mortgage

Leading corporate innovation efforts at American Pacific Mortgage, a top 15 independent mortgage bank licensed to lend in 20 states throughout the U.S.

Scrappy Labs

Run this innovation division to officiate the intention to challenge a business model, in order to never become obsolete.


A philosophy that corporate innovation is powered by human dynamics.

About Scrappy Labs

Kyle Nicholas McCray podcast


Financial company goes all in on startup partnerships

Allianz, an international financial services provider, has altered its incubator to become a division of the company that primarily invests in technology. The move involved the company scratching many of its projects that were early in the development process and...

New startup turning real estate assets into digital “tokens”

The new startup called Harbor is "tokenizing" private securities. Essentially, real estate assets are being morphed into digital representations to make transactions run smoother, helping alleviate some of the frustrations with the outdated MLS system. This may be the...

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